Possibilities of Buying Real Estate Without Putting Any Money Down

Most people agree that real estate is one of the safest investments that a person can make in the current scenario. This is why there are a lot of schemes doing the rounds which suggest that they are the best means to purchasing profitable property.One of these concerns buying real estate without putting any money down. While variations of the scheme have been seen for some decades, it is only now, with many people struggling to make ends meet and crippled with heavy debt at very high interest rates that the incidence of such deals has increased substantially. So how is it possible to become a landlord inside a month and start receiving rental income without having put in any of your own money to buy the property?The process begins with a home owner being in dire need of cash to pay off debt or avoid closure or something similar. If that person has bad credit score and history, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to get funds from any public or private investment firm, including banks. So the private investor steps in and agrees to buying home equity from the owner, not in a lump sum but in equated monthly installments.Another variation is that the purchaser or investor gets 100 % funding for the deal or deals from a wholesale lender and pays the full contracted amount to the owner and then pays the wholesale lender off with the monthly rentals from the property that he or she has invested in.